Acting & Directing Classes

Beginning Acting For Adults 2017

1 hour/2x a week beginning Monday, October 2

First week- the basics (as needed*), possible short improv work

•diction/enunciation/warm-up exercises
•projection/volume with diaphragm
•stage directions
•theatre etiquette

Second week/third week/fourth week-characterization/script basics/run some scenes

•Script work
•Take a play or scene(s)
•Possible read-through of play OR go straight
to scene work (depending on participants*)
•if script has a read-through, talk about the intention of playwright, participants thoughts, etc…

•Scene work
•Motivation of Scene within the play
•Discuss how to break down a scene
•Motivation of Individual Characters
(“I want” vs. “they want”)

•talk about character (motivation)
•character background/actors’ “homework”
•break down dialogue into beats
•more scene work into characterization-

•Run some scenes!

Cost is $15 for CST Members or $25 for Non-Members
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Advanced Acting For Adults 2017

Corn Stock Theater is offering a four-week advanced acting class that will focus on building the skills necessary to help the actor elevate their talents to the best of their abilities.

The class will audition September 9 at 1PM at the CST Theatre Center. You may bring a prepared scene (we will provide any other actor necessary), or you can be given one.

Classes will start in October and meet twice a week for 2-3 hours for a duration of four weeks.

Structured around scene work with 2-4 other actors, focus will be:

Rehearsal preparation
Proper script analysis
Use of proper body language
How to make strong and correct acting choices
Avoiding common mistakes and fixing bad habits
Working properly in the round

Our ultimate focus will be to open up as an actor and truly feeling the emotions necessary to provide a realistic acting portrayal.

Actors will then have an opportunity to work with novice directors who are also being mentored, and ultimately present their scene to the public this winter at the CST Theatre Center.

Cost is $15 for CST Members or $25 for Non-Members
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Directing Workshop

The Corn Stock Directing Workshop, taught by Pam Orear, will consist of four two-hour sessions, Mondays from 7:00 – 9:00 PM, beginning on October 30th.  This workshop, designed for the beginner through intermediate director, is an introduction to the fundamental principles of directing.  The first two weeks will focus on teaching basic directorial concepts and techniques unique to the theater in the round.  The second two weeks will be hands-on production work in collaboration with students from the acting classes and will culminate in directing a short scene from a play for a public performance.  For further information contact Pam at

Cost is $15 for CST Members or $25 for Non-Members
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