Cast Lists

Current Cast Lists

Florence: Genenda Lane

Fairy May: Liz Scoville

Jeffery: Kevin Lucas

Hannibal: Ben Maxwell

Mrs. Paddy: Amy Glass

Titus: Dave Krostal

Lily Belle: Rebecca Somogyi

Samuel: Rob Prechel

Mrs. Savage: Helen Engelbrecht

Dr. Emmet: John Kelly

Miss Willie: Deborah Barnett

I appreciate everyone who came out to audition. The turnout was amazing. The enthusiasm was great. and everyone did a fantastic job! I look forward to working with this cast!


Kerri Rae

The director and crew would like to thank everyone who auditioned for the show and we were humbled by the level of talent. We are pleased to announce the cast of Leaving Iowa in its Peoria premier!

Don Browning…..Jeramie Glass

Dad…..Michael Wohl

Mom…..Jess Thomison

Younger Sis…..Megan Walters

Older Sis…..Megan Pulley

Multiple Character Guy 1…..Robin RJ Closen

Multiple Character Guy 2…..Braden Patrick Shanahan

Multiple Character Gal 1…..Amy Nicole Rajsky

Multiple Character Gal 2…..Hannah Shelby

Uncle Phil…..Bob Grimson

Aunt Phyllis…..Lynne Dudek Grimson

Jack Singer…..Sam Hipp

The first read-through will be announced shortly. Rehearsals will begin at the Theatre Center on Monday, November 6, at 6:30 pm. The comedy about family vacations is about to start! Congrats to all!



Willie Porter…..Alexa Johnson
Soapy Smith….Bruce Colligan
Jim Dillingham….David Brown
Della Dillingham….Rebekah Dentino
City Him…..Karl Augspurger
City Her……Celeste Matheson

Tom Wingfield: Ben Maxwell

Amanda Wingfield: Helen Engelbrecht

Laura Wingfield: Liz Scoville

Jim O’Connor: Kyle Redmon

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