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Current Cast Lists

I would like to thank everyone for auditioning for Millie over the weekend.! I’m beyond excited about the cast we have and I can’t wait to get started. A cast Facebook page will be made that will include communication about our first rehearsals and costume measurements. This is going to be a fun summer! Everything today is Thoroughly Modern!

Thoroughly Modern Millie Cast List

Millie Dillmount: Pauline Parkhurst

Jimmy Smith: Rusty Brost

Miss Dorothy Brown: Clare Zell

Mrs. Meers: Katy Ailshie

Muzzy: Jasmyne Providence

Trevor: Alec Colligan

Bun Foo: Sam Lin

Ching Ho: T.B.A.

Young Millie: Keliah Schertz

Young Dorothy: Faustina Hoerdeman

Mrs. Flannery: Dedra Kaiser


Male Moderns/Muzzy’s Boys:

Josh Hammond

Kyle King

Brian McKinley

Brett Harlow

Colman Kennedy

Tyler Skibinski

Jackson Lewallen

Cole Nicholson

David Shadid

Richard Smith

Thomas Millard

Priscilla Girls:

Randee Blickenstaff

Sydney Abdnour

Kelsey Jensen

Selah Schertz

Brianna Cross

Nicole Ferre

Amanda Maddalozzo



Leslie Lewallen

Rachel Kocher

Payton Dickinson


Dorothy Parker: Lisa Burnett

George Gershwin: Brian Lewallen

Ruth Schmidgal: Erin Pantages

Hotel Priscilla Clerk: Hope Szidon

Cast List

Albert Peterson:  Bryan Blanks

Rosie Alvarez:   Brianna Cross

Conrad Birdie:  Jeremy Kelly

Kim MacAfee:  Kaselyn Hart

Harry MacAfee:  Nate Downs

Doris MacAfee:  Liz Jockisch

Randolph MacAfee: Gordon Jockisch

Mae Peterson: Leslie Foti

Hugo Peabody: Adam Raso

Ursula Merkle: Randee Blickenstaff

Gloria Rasputin: Courtney Grawey Arnett

Maude: Mike Ulrich

Mayor: Tim Chambers

Mrs. Mayor: Erin Pantages

Deborah Sue Merkle: Celeste Mathesons

Mrs. Johnson: Mary Ellen Ulrich

Sweet Apple Ohio Teens:

Helen: Susan Hazzard

Nancy:  Sydney Abdnour

Alice: Nicole Ferree

Margie Ann: Selah Schertz

Penelope Ann: Kerrin Kay Jaye Robertson

Harvey Johnson: Coleman Kennedy

Freddie: Derek Schaffner

Karl: Cody Wirth

Teen Ensemble: Katie Antrim, Lexy Buckley, Claire Challacombe, Katerina DeLawyer, Payton Dickinson, Miriam Kotacka, Cole Nicholson, Paul Sposato, Richard Smith

Pre Teen Ensemble: Mariam Couri, Nathan Dunn, Jonathan Enderle, Kaela Gerig, Lily Hart, Faustina Hoerdeman, Helaina Kalman, Jackson Lewallen, Keliah Schertz, Cami Serrahn

Adult Ensemble: Laura Buckley, Courtney Cluney, Lauren James, Brian Lewallen, Leslie Lewallen, Bill Kalman, Tinia Martin, Mary Irby Moore

Welcome to the Cast of BYE BYE BIRDIE! There were very many tough decisions and we are so grateful for everyone who came out to audition. The Meeting will be TUESDAY, May 16 at 6:30 PM in the Theatre Center. This is a minor change than what was previously announced. Please email Jimmy Ulrich at letting him know you have accepted your role. #putonahappyfaceatthetent!

Leo Frank- Dustin Presley
Lucille Frank- Sarah Mayo
Hugh Dorsey- Jarod Hazzard
Mary Phagan- Meg Ciko
Tom Watson – Shane Jones
Governor Slaton/Old Soldier – Bob Parkhurst
Newt Lee- Ronnie Hudson
Brit Craig – Aaron Elwell
Mrs. Phagan – Tracey Furling
Frankie Epps- Thomas Deters
Judge Roan- Thom Lacey
Luther Rosser- Ed Peck
Lola – Rose Blume
Essie – Jillian Risinger
Riley- Valerie Kelley
Angela- Jaunita Williams
Minnie McKnight- Juanita Burton
Mrs. Slaton- Jessie Browning
Detective Starnes- Rob King
Officer Ivey- Frank Drew
Monteen- Rachel Kocher
Lizzie- Brianna Haddock
Mr. Peavy- Greg Blume
Young Soldier- Dane Brandon
Beverly- Grace Blume
Ruth- Srishti Srivastava
Police Officer/Soldier- Austin Shaw
Orval- Steve Haines
Jim Conley – TBA

Vanya……Karl Augspurger

Sonia…… Gale Thetford

Masha….. Trish Ballard

Spike……. Cody Cornwell

Cassandra..Anna Oxborrow

Nina………Rebekah Dentino

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