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I wish to thank everyone who auditioned for My Fair Lady. As many directors have said before, myself included, the casting process is the hardest. There is so much talent in Central Illinois, and we saw a lot of it this weekend. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and please continue to do so.

The first meeting of cast and crew will be held on Thursday, March 30th at 6:30 p.m. at the First Federated Church, across the parking lot from where auditions took place. Use the door that is almost opposite of where you entered before and there will be signs directing you to the room where we will be located.

My Fair Lady Cast List

Eliza Doolittle                    Sagan Drake

Professor Higgins             Zachary Robertson

Colonel Pickering              Jeff Craig

Freddy Eynsford-Hill         Aaron Elwell

Mrs. Pearce                       Wendy Blickenstaff

Alfred P. Doolittle             Curt Rowden

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill             Deb Stefanik

Mrs. Higgins                       Cheri Beever

Harry/Lord Boxington     Greg Blume

Jamie/Quartet                   Danny Sutter

Quartet/Charles Bradley Perry

Quartet /Butler                 Joe Couri

Quartet/Karpathy             Seth Katz

Lady Boxington                 Lori Greene

Queen                                 Emily Toohill

Mrs. Hopkins                     Mary Sierra

Buskers/Ensemble            John Marsh, Byron Simmons, Rose Blume

Dancers/Ensemble           Thomas Deters, Rose Blume, Jordan Zimmerman, Emma Wyckoff, Brandon Ellis, Molie Kreuger, Frank Drew, Grace Fahey

Household Staff                Creighton Peacock, Joe Couri, Lori Green, Mary Sierra, Emily Toohill, Paula Van Kuren


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