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I would like to thank everyone for auditioning for Millie over the weekend.! I’m beyond excited about the cast we have and I can’t wait to get started. A cast Facebook page will be made that will include communication about our first rehearsals and costume measurements. This is going to be a fun summer! Everything today is Thoroughly Modern!

Thoroughly Modern Millie Cast List

Millie Dillmount: Pauline Parkhurst

Jimmy Smith: Rusty Brost

Miss Dorothy Brown: Clare Zell

Mrs. Meers: Katy Ailshie

Muzzy: Jasmyne Providence

Trevor: Alec Colligan

Bun Foo: Sam Lin

Ching Ho: T.B.A.

Young Millie: Keliah Schertz

Young Dorothy: Faustina Hoerdeman

Mrs. Flannery: Dedra Kaiser


Male Moderns/Muzzy’s Boys:

Josh Hammond

Kyle King

Brian McKinley

Brett Harlow

Colman Kennedy

Tyler Skibinski

Jackson Lewallen

Cole Nicholson

David Shadid

Richard Smith

Thomas Millard

Priscilla Girls:

Randee Blickenstaff

Sydney Abdnour

Kelsey Jensen

Selah Schertz

Brianna Cross

Nicole Ferre

Amanda Maddalozzo



Leslie Lewallen

Rachel Kocher

Payton Dickinson


Dorothy Parker: Lisa Burnett

George Gershwin: Brian Lewallen

Ruth Schmidgal: Erin Pantages

Hotel Priscilla Clerk: Hope Szidon

Leo Frank- Dustin Presley
Lucille Frank- Sarah Mayo
Hugh Dorsey- Jarod Hazzard
Mary Phagan- Meg Ciko
Tom Watson – Shane Jones
Governor Slaton/Old Soldier – Bob Parkhurst
Newt Lee- Ronnie Hudson
Brit Craig – Aaron Elwell
Mrs. Phagan – Tracey Furling
Frankie Epps- Thomas Deters
Judge Roan- Thom Lacey
Luther Rosser- Ed Peck
Lola – Rose Blume
Essie – Jillian Risinger
Riley- Valerie Kelley
Angela- Jaunita Williams
Minnie McKnight- Juanita Burton
Mrs. Slaton- Jessie Browning
Detective Starnes- Rob King
Officer Ivey- Frank Drew
Monteen- Rachel Kocher
Lizzie- Brianna Haddock
Mr. Peavy- Greg Blume
Young Soldier- Dane Brandon
Beverly- Grace Blume
Ruth- Srishti Srivastava
Police Officer/Soldier- Austin Shaw
Orval- Steve Haines
Jim Conley – TBA

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