2021 Summer Showcase Program

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised]

Please be advised that this production does use flashing and strobing lights.



Kayla Blue


Kayla feels elated to be working with Corn Stock Theatre for the first time. Kayla has been a theatre practitioner for over twenty years. Highlights of her theatrical exploits include working at The American Shakespeare Center as a camp administrator and tour guide, writing her first original play at the age of nine, and directing her first production, The Importance of Being Earnest, in 2012. Her recent performance experiences include Corey in Barefoot in the Park (2019), Nancy in Oliver! (2018), Florizel in The Winter’s Tale (2015), and Don John in Much Ado About Nothing (2015). Kayla now teaches English and heads the Drama and Speech Team programs at Central Catholic High School in Bloomington. She wishes to dedicate this performance to mothers.

Jeff Craig


Jeff is excited to be apart of the reopening of Corn Stock. While he was excited to be in the two digital shows of Talk Radio and A Deathly Development, he is very excited to have a live audience. He is praying there aren’t too many Shakespearean scholars out there. As always, it is the love and support of his family that makes it all possible. Thanks Erin and Jeffrey! And may the bard be with you.

Sam Hipp


Having previously been on CST’s stage as Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet (a three hour show) and Mordred in Camelot (another three hour show), Sam is thrilled to be able to perform all of Shakespeare and still get home before 10:00pm. He also has an acute fear of needles and biography writing. And yet here he is, fully vaccinated and telling you about himself, all for the sake of this show. So you’d better enjoy it!

Theresa Black


Theresa is thrilled to be working yet another CST show. She would like thank her amazing partner in theatre crime, Kristin, for not killing her when she signs them up for yet another show. Her favorite roles to date are “Mommy” to Shane, “Wife” to Chris, and “Props Season Co-Chair” at CST with Kristin. Thank you to so many amazing inspirations for instilling a love of theatre in her from a young age. She would like to thank her family for always loving her despite her theatre habit.

Megan Johnston

Co-Stage Manager / Co-Production Assistant

Megan is running circles behind the tent organizing the chaos that is “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised]“! If you want to find her during the run of the show…just look for Bob! Whether it’s controlling the chaos on the stage or off…JEFF STAGE RIGHT! or setting the stage for the actors to RUN! Or a puppet theater to MAGICALLY APPEAR!…its all for fun and enjoys doing it, especially with her best friend and other chaos engineer, Chris Peterlin, controlling the chaos from inside the air conditioned and not swampy booth! Have fun and whatever happens…ACT NATURAL!! Enjoy the show, and may the bard be with you!

Rachel Lard

Hair & Makeup

Rachel has had such a great time working on this show with this crew. There were many excellent learning opportunities and she is very grateful for the experience and friendship she gained here! She hopes you enjoy the show!

Carrie McMillion


Carrie has had so much fun watching this show come together and recommends you be prepared to laugh until it hurts!! She is so happy to be back at the tent after costuming CSK Anne of Green Gables this spring. An avid Cardinals fan, she was excited to have Kayla wear a Cardinals hat and represent the Redbirds for not only herself but also for Director Anna Oxborrow! Carrie will also be seen behind the bar serving beer and wine at the tent for the rest of the summer. Enjoy!

Anna Oxborrow


Let’s make this clear, Anna is a Cardinals fan. She loves the chaos that Complete Works has created! Ever since seeing this show for the first time, Anna has dreamed of directing it and feels honored that it is coming alive in CST’S Tent. This show has been a true creative process and a collaboration, and she wants to thank this Amazing Cast for their brilliant work, and Chris, Megan, Rachel, and Carrie for being there through it all and making the Grandma’s Attic concept for the show come alive. Also, special thanks to Kristin and Theresa for the never-ending props demands! You guys are Wonderful!! Anna also thanks her wonderful husband, Jon, and their four kids and her parents for juggling this crazy and hectic summer schedule.

Chris Peterlin

Co-Stage Manager / Co-Production Assistant

Chris is proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of this show. He spent each and every rehearsal laughing so hard, he got headaches. He is happy to be able to work for his good friend Anna Oxborrow and with his best friend Megan Johnston. When the world stopped, Chris and a few good friends formed the Digital Play Series task force refusing to quit doing any kind of theatre that could be done until things could go back to normal. Chris is a fixture at Corn Stock that just won’t go away. People joke he must have a cot hidden somewhere at the theatre. The only thing Chris has not done at CST is costumes…Don’t count on costuming anytime soon! He hopes you enjoy the show as much as he has working with it and watching these wonderfully talented performers each night.

Kristin Whitaker


Kristin is VERY excited to be bringing theatre back to the Tent this summer! She hopes you enjoy the not-so-controlled chaos that is “Complete Works…” Welcome back, and enjoy the show!

Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited. This includes professional cameras and cell phones. Please visit our performers backstage after the show if you wish to take a photograph. Patrons are not permitted backstage prior to a show.

Cell Phones – Please turn OFF all cell phones, beepers/pagers and alarms on watches upon entering the house for performances. Cell phones may interfere with our sound system and headset communications, even if in the silent or vibrate mode.

Smoking – Corn Stock Theatre is a smoke-free facility.

Fog machines/strobe lights – Notification will be placed in the program if a strobe light or fog machine will be used for a production.

Late Seating – CST productions start at 7:30pm. Please allow enough time to arrive at the theatre early. Late seating is at the discretion of the House Manager, Box Office Manager or Theatre Manager, subject to available seating. You may be asked to wait for an appropriate interval before being seated and alternative seats may be offered to minimize disruption of performances already in progress. At the discretion of the Box Office Manager, vacant seats may be reassigned as
upgrades or offered to patrons on a standby list, unless you notified the box office stating that you will be arriving late.

Children – If you bring a child, make sure that theatre etiquette is a part of the experience. Kids love to learn new things. They are our future members and lovers of the theatre. We welcome them for all age-appropriate performances. Due to Fire Marshal regulations, a seat must be purchased for anyone entering the theatre regardless of their age.

Corn Stock Theatre is following State & Federal Guidelines that are in place by the CDC for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you are fully vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask. If you are not fully vaccinated, we are asking that you wear a mask. Extra masks will be available upon request.

Please practice social distancing by keeping six feet between you and others not in your party and by following all single direction and spacing markers.

Please practice regular hand hygiene during your visit. Hand sanitizing and/or disinfectant wipes stations are provided throughout the venue.

During intermission, patrons should remain seated with their groups unless utilizing the restrooms. We encourage all patrons to leave their seats during the performance using Ramp 1 (between North and East section) and Ramp 2 (between East and South section) when they need the facilities.

July 29 – Sharon Heilman
July 30 – Sandra Iadipaolo
July 31 – Jan Crim
August 1 – Liz Weber
August 5 – HOI Chorus
August 6 – Arla Klimko
August 7 – Helen Finkral
August 8 – Sue Krummel
August 12 – Mary Bullock & Mary Amberg
August 13 – Carol & Roy Endres
August 14 – CST for Kids
August 15 – Robin Hunt
Lights: Remi Kapp
Sound: Brady Varwig
Set Construction: Gene Bourke
Costumes: Cheri Beever, Paula Graves
Properties: Theresa Black, Kristin Whitaker
Makeup/Hair: Amy Williams
Summer Season Concessions: Brandi Young
Summer Season Ushers: Liz Weber
Summer Season Committee: Jes King
Winter Season Committee: Chris Peterlin
Corn Stock for Kids: Sydney Abdnour
Budget/Finance: Kyle King
Marketing & Fundraising/Development: Celeste Matheson
Social / Membership: Jimmy Ulrich
Scholarships/Awards: Gale Thetford
Education: Amy Glass
Facilities: Jeramie Glass
Insurance/Safety: Tim Drew
Long Range Planning: Jeff Craig
Board Nominating: Gale Thetford
Reopening Committee: Kristin Whitaker
Volunteers: Brandi Young
Historian: Larry Stratton
Web Master/Publicity: Brandi Young, Amy Blain
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