Board & Staff

Corn Stock Board of Directors

Chip Joyce (He/Him), President
Kristin Whitaker (She/Her), Vice President
Sarah Beth Leasor (She/Her), Secretary
Kyle King (He/Him), Treasurer
Kenney Delaney (He/His), Riley Reynolds (She/Her), Valerie Kelley (She/Her), Celeste Matheson (She/Her),
Erin Craig (She/Her), Peggy Breaux Hupp (She/Her), Jeramie Glass (He/Him), & Laura Schelly (She/Her)

Corn Stock Staff

John Stuff (He/Him), Theatre Manager
Brandi Young (She/Her), Box Office Manager / Bookkeeper
Maggie Sloter (She/Her), Assistant Box Office Manager / Grants & Fundraiser Coordinator
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