Winter Playhouse Get Acquainted

You’re invited to the Corn Stock Theatre’s Winter Playhouse

Tuesday, August 16 at 7:00 pm
Corn Stock Theatre Center

(located at 1700 N Park Road, Peoria) 

This is an opportunity to find out more about each of the upcoming shows, visit with friends, and meet the directors for the 2016/2017 Winter Playhouse season. The directors will discuss audition dates and requirements for auditions. After the brief meeting and introduction of the directors, they will be available to answer any questions one-on-one. 

We are thrilled to announce the season:


Up first, we have Terrence McNally’s ‘It’s Only a Play’ directed by Gary Hale. Though it was written in the late 70’s, the comedy did not play on Broadway until 2014. The 2014 production starred many familiar names: Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Megan Mullaly, and Rupert Grint to name a few. The comedy takes place during the opening night party for a first-time producer’s newest show, as the playwright, director, and actors wait for late-night reviews to be printed. Auditions are August 27 & 28 at the Corn Stock Theatre Center. Show dates are October 21- 30 , 2016.


Rebekah Bourland will direct the season’s next play, ‘Tea and Sympathy’. Premiering on Broadway in 1953, it is about a male private school student who faces accusations of homosexuality. Ahead of its time, the play was one of the first to tackle topics of sexual orientation and related prejudice onstage. show dates are November 11-20, 2016. 


Occasionally, the Winter Playhouse will feature a set of One Acts to test new material or give new directors an opportunity to strengthen their directing skills in this environment – we’re pleased to offer this again right after the new year. Show dates are January 13 -22, 2017.


The Winter Playhouse season’s only musical is ‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,’ directed by Chip Joyce. In the way that current hit Hamilton marries hip hop and rap music with early American history, Bloody Bloody reimagines President Andrew Jackson as an Emo rock star, and it explores populism, the Indian Removal Act, and Jackson’s relationship with his wife through energetic rock music. Show dates are February 10- 19, 2017.


Rounding out the winter season is ‘A Man for All Seasons’ directed by Tim Wyman. Winning awards on both stage and screen, the show is based on the true story of Sir Thomas More, the 16th-century Chancellor of England, and how he famously refused to endorse Henry VIII’s divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon, and for his defiance, he faced the penalty of the death. Show dates are March 3-12, 2017.

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