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Upcoming Auditions

All auditions are held at the Corn Stock Theatre Center (unless otherwise indicated)

1700 N Park Road, Peoria IL in upper Bradley Park 


Director: Jimmy Ulrich

Auditions: Friday, May 12 at 6:00pm & Saturday, May 13 at 12:30pm

Callbacks:  IF NECESSARY following auditions at the end of the day on Saturday

 at the Corn Stock Theatre Center

Production Dates: July 14 – July 22, 2017

Download the Audition Form for Bye Bye Birdie


Production Staff

Director: Jimmy Ulrich

Asst. Director: Kaitlin Seaman

Choreographer: Jennifer Morris

Music Director: Jaclyn Wessol

Stage Manager: Bill Barr

Costumer: Jill Barr

Production Secretary: Tracie Carey

Light Design: Wayne Carey

Props: TBD

Hair/Makeup: Christine Hunt



Albert Peterson – (Baritone/Mover) Conrad Birdie’s manager, who formerly aspired to be an English teacher.

Rose “Rosie” Alvarez – (Mezzo-Soprano/Dancer)  Albert’s secretary and long-suffering girlfriend.

Kim MacAfee – (Soprano/Mover) a teenage girl who is chosen to receive the ‘one last kiss’ from Conrad Birdie. Kim lives in Sweet Apple.

Conrad Birdie – (Baritone/Mover) a 1950s rock and roll star inspired by Elvis Presley.

Mr. MacAfee – (Baritone/Non Dancer) Kim and Randolph’s befuddled and bad-tempered father.

Mrs. MacAfee – (Mezzo-Soprano/Non Dancer) Kim and Randolph’s mother.

Randolph MacAfee – (Baritone/Mover) Kim’s well-behaved younger brother.

Mae Peterson – (Alto/Non Dancer) Albert’s overbearing and prejudiced mother.

Hugo Peabody – (Baritone/Mover) Kim’s boyfriend or “steady” who is quite jealous of Conrad.

Ursula Merkle – (Mezzo/Soprano) Kim’s hyperactive best friend, a Conrad Birdie enthusiast.

Gloria Rasputin – A curvaceous tap dancer who hopes to be Albert’s new secretary. Mae brings her to Albert, hoping she will be chosen over Rosie.

Helen, Alice, Deborah Sue, Nancy, Penelope, Suzie, Margie – Sweet Apple Teenagers who are friends of Kim and Conrad Birdie enthusiasts; have solos in “Telephone Hour”.

Harvey Johnson – A nerdy teenage boy; has a few parts in “Telephone Hour”.

Fred and Karl – Sweet Apple Teenagers.

Maude – Owner of Maude’s Roadside Retreat; 2nd tenor in male quartet and part of the adult ensemble.

Mrs. Merkle – Ursula’s mother.

Mr. Johnson – Harvey’s father.

The Mayor – the mayor of Sweet Apple.

The Mayor’s Wife (Edna) – the repressed wife of the mayor; she comedically faints multiple times during Conrad Birdie’s performance of “Honestly Sincere”.

Reporters, Policemen.

Ed Sullivan – the host of the Ed Sullivan Show

I truly hope to see everyone at auditions! This is not going to just be your every day classic musical. It will have all the essentials of making the musical the gem that it is with its own flare. Looking for all teens and adults who want to make the 1950’s come alive and explode on stage. More than and dreaming of a diverse cast of all backgrounds that want to share their time, energy and talents with us to help be a part of the FUNNEST SHOW OF THE SUMMER! #PUTONAHAPPYFACEATTHETENT

Director: Deric Kimler

Auditions: Friday, May 26 & Saturday, May 27

Production Dates: August 4 – August 12, 2017

Production Staff

Music Director – Holly Haines

Orchestra Director – Tony Roberts

Choreographer – Nyk Sutter

Stage Manager – John Donlan

Production Secretary – Erin Pantages

Hair & Make Up – Rebecca Sierra & Amy Williams

Props – Bryan Blanks & Julie Bucher

Costumes – Sarah Blume & (WOULD LIKE HELP)

Lights – Megan Rupert

Sound – Jake Sleva

Set Building – (NEED HELP)

Yiddish/Hebrew Coach – (NEED HELP)



Cast of 28-32. Ensemble members sing a lot of solos and are on as multiple characters and throughout the entire show. This is a singing heavy show with little dancing. I also need actors who can play instruments.

Lucille Frank- Mezzo-Soprano (30+) Wife of Leo Frank, hardworking Jewish woman from the south who is a dominate force. She is smart, elegant, and loyal.

Leo Frank- Tenor (30+) A hard working/off putting Jewish man. He likes the southerners about as much as they like him, which is not much at all. He is a brilliant man that has zero social abilities. Need a great actor, this man has dream scenes in which the towns people portray that he is a sly stealthy man, which is the opposite of who he actually is.

Frankie Epps- Tenor (18-24) the only fictional character in the story, Frankie is a character encompassing multiple people who testified throughout the trial, but for sake of the show was added as one character. Frankie was a young man who was feeling a lot of angst and confusion throughout the show.

Mary Phagan- Mezzo (Early Teens) a 13 year old girl who was murdered in the factory. Innocent, poor, naïvem, jolly, and had her whole world ahead of her.

Hugh Dorsey- Baritone (25+) a charismatic and ambitious prosecuting attorney, who views the Leo Frank case as a stepping stone to his own success.

Confederate Soldier/Judge Roan- Bass (40+) Old confederate soldier who struggles with Xenophobia and would preside over Leo’s trial.

Jim Conley- POWER HOURSE TENOR VOICE (25+) the janitor at the factory, and the star witness at the trial. He is charismatic and sly black man who knows how to use his charm. Many of the town’s people viewed him as an idiot due to his color, but he’d use that against them.

Newt Lee- Bass (25+) The black night watchman at the factory the night that Mary was killed. Newt, in my mind resembles John Coffey from The Green Mile

Governor John Slaton- Baritone (35+) The Governor of Georgia who throws his career down the tubes to save Leo’s life, a man he doesn’t know. He later was forced to move out of the state of Georgia by the KKK who resurged from the hanging of Leo Frank.

Britt Craig- Baritone (25+) a drunken journalist for the Atlanta Georgian who is hungry for a good story, no matter what he has to do.

Lola Stover- Soprano (16-24) Mary’s best friend from the factory

Tom Watson- Tenor (35+) The editor of the zealot newspaper, the Jeffersonian.

Other characters- (Fliddlin John, Lizzie Phagan, Essie, Monteen, Luther Rosser, Sally Slaton, Officer Ivey, Detective Starnes, Mr. Peavy, Nurse, Floyd McDaniel, Riley, Angela, Prison Guard)

This true story is extremely important to tell. This moment was the darkest moment in Jewish – American history and led to the resurgence of the KKK. I’m going to direct this show to be as real life as I can. This show is full of hate, xenophobia (fear of others that aren’t like us) racism, opportunists, and so on. It is NOT going to leave people with tears of happiness or hope, but hopefully it will have people looking at their own lives and how they treat others, differently. This story is unfortunately still true today, as it was over 100 years ago.


Director: Bryan Blanks

You will notice that auditions are held at the same time as Bye Bye Birdie auditions. People are welcome and encouraged to audition for both shows. The rehearsal schedule will allow people to do both shows. If you are auditioning for both shows we encourage you to show up early if possible. We will post the audition form so that you can fill that out in advance if you would like. We will also have audition forms available at the audition.  

Auditions: Friday, May 12 at 6:00 pm & Saturday, May 13 at 12:30 pm

Call Backs (if necessary) will be in the evening on Sunday, May 14

 at the Corn Stock Theatre Center

Production Dates: August 25 – September 2, 2017

Download the Thoroughly Modern Millie Audition Form

Here’s a brief message from Bryan:  Dedra and I have worked together on many productions in the past including: Ragtime CCT, Oliver PPT, School of Rock PPT, and Memphis CST, in addition to their work together with the Peoria Area Performing Arts Studio, owned by Dedra. We are thrilled to be working on this high energy musical. If you are a dancer, this is the show for you. I was actually going to audition to be a dancer in the ensemble, before I stepped into the role as director. Look below for the roles available. I had the pleasure of closing the season last summer with  Memphis and I look forward to closing the season again with Millie. Please email me at if you have any questions.


The Musical Thoroughly Modern Millie is a musical based on the 1967 film of the same name. Synopsis of Millie: The show takes place in New York in 1922. This is the story Millie Dillmount, a small-town girl who comes to New York City to marry for money instead of love which is a thoroughly modern aim in 1922, when women were entering the workforce. She is quickly mugged on the streets of New York. In a panic for someone to help her, she trips bypasser Jimmy Smith, a handsome, carefree young man. She soon takes delight in the flapper lifestyle but problems arise when she checks into a hotel owned by Mrs. Meers who is the leader of the white slavery ring in China. In the Hotel Priscilla laundry room, two Chinese immigrants, Ching Ho and Bun Foo, are working for Mrs. Meers to earn enough money to bring their mother from Hong Kong over to the states. Millie comes to Sincere Trust not only looking for a job, but also to set her sights on the company’s boss, Trevor Graydon III. Millie meets the wealthy Miss Dorothy at the Hotel Priscilla, who wants to learn how the poorer half lives. Jimmy asks Millie to a party hosted by famous singer Muzzy van Hossmere. Jimmy eventually proposes to Millie, and, poor as he is, she accepts, “because if it’s marriage I’ve got in mind, love has everything to do with it.” Jimmy turns out to be Herbert J. van Hossmere III, Muzzy’s stepson, and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. And Miss Dorothy turns out to be his sister, an heiress named Dorothy Carnegie Mellon Vanderbilt van Hossmere, and she ends up not with the dismayed Trevor Graydon, but with Ching Ho. Muzzy reveals that to help Jimmy and Dorothy getting caught by fortune-hunters, she sent them out into the world so that they could find spouses who weren’t in it for the money. They persuade Muzzy to pose as a new orphan in town to trick Mrs. Meers, who takes the bait, is exposed as the mastermind of the slavery ring, and is then taken to the police station. Meanwhile, Ching Ho had already rescued Miss Dorothy and won her heart. At the very end of the musical, Bun Foo and Ching Ho are once again reunited with their mother.

Production Staff

Director– Bryan Blanks

Choreographer – Dedra Kaiser

Music Director – Patti Johnson

Orchestra Director – Maggie Sloter

Costumes – Sarah Blume

Props – Theresa Black, Kristen Whitaker

Production Secry – Tracie Carey

Stage Manager/ Light Design – David Reynolds

Make Up – needs to be filled

Set Builder/ design – Ken Hupp

Ramp Chair – Needs to be filled
Roles available:

Looking for multicultural Characters for Millie

MILLIE DILLMOUNT: MILLIE is a very appealing, honest, feisty, and unique young woman. Undeterred by her Midwestern upbringing & naïveté, she arrives in New York determined to acquire big city sophistication and a rich husband. She is a pragmatist who dreams big. ALTO TO MEZZO RANGE. Low: G sharp below middle C. High: E an octave above middle C. Possible Belting. Lead actress and singer. Needs to be able to carry a tap dancing solo, and tap with an ensemble.

JIMMY SMITH: An irrepressible, buoyant personality. Full of the headlines of the era — classic Roaring Twenties – he loves to have a good time. JIMMY wants to be MILLIE’s beau, but lacks an important credential: money. Despite his lack of finances, he possesses the assurance, savvy, and poise of a well-born young man. HIGH MALE TENOR RANGE. Low: F sharp below middle C. High: should be able to carry the chest voice up to G above middle C. Romantic lead. Possible tap dancing.

MISS DOROTHY BROWN: MILLIE’s best friend, a classic old-fashioned beauty who checks into the Priscilla looking for life, ‘raw and real,’ as preparation for a career on the stage. She has lived in a glass bubble of extreme wealth her entire life, but her cluelessness in the ways of the real world is in no way haughty or snobbish; in fact, it is her charm. SOPRANO RANGE. Low: E below middle C. High: F an octave above middle C. No belting. Does not need to tap.

TREVOR GRAYDON: MILLIE’s boss, a knockout. The original Arrow Collar Man with a yen for efficiency. He falls hard for MISS DOROTHY. HIGH MALE TENOR RANGE. Low: F below middle C. High: should be able to carry the chest voice up to G above middle C. Romantic lead. Possible tap dancing.

MRS. MEERS: Striking and sinister, with a barracuda smile. Think “Cruella De Ville.” MRS. MEERS owns the Hotel Priscilla, Residence of Young Ladies — a mere front for her highly profitable sideline, white slave trading. She pretends to be Chinese. Some lines are in Mandarin Chinese. Pronunciation and vocal coaching will be provided. Does not need to sound authentic. ALTO RANGE. Low: F sharp below middle C. High: A above middle C. Could belt but could also sound “old.”

MUZZY VAN HOSSMERE: Glamorous, big-hearted, fun loving, and wise. Think Queen Latifah meets Jennifer Hudson, with ten years on them. A diva who knows how to have a good time while never losing sight of what really matters in life: love. ALTO RANGE. Low: G sharp below middle C. High: D an octave above middle C.

BUN FOO: One of two Chinese immigrant henchmen in the employ of MRS. MEERS’ white slaving business. The brothers reluctantly help MRS. MEERS in exchange for bringing their mother to America. They speak only in Mandarin Chinese. Should be able to sound authentically Chinese. Comic character. HIGH MALE TENOR RANGE. Low: E/F sharp below middle C. High: should be able to carry the chest voice up to G sharp above middle C.

CHING HO: An unwilling associate to MRS. MEERS, CHING HO, brother to BUN FOO, falls hard for MISS DOROTHY and saves her from a life of prostitution in South East Asia. He speaks only in Mandarin Chinese. Should be able to sound authentically Chinese. Comic character. HIGH MALE TENOR RANGE. Low: E/F sharp below middle C. High: should be able to carry the chest voice up to G sharp above middle C.
MISS FLANNERY: Runs the office like a very tight ship for Trevor Graydon. Strong, loud and in charge. Character/Cameo actress. ALTO RANGE. Low: middle C. High: D an octave above middle C. Could belt.

PRISCILLA GIRLS: Lucille, Rita, Alice, Gloria, Ruth, Mary, Ethel Peas; Aspiring actresses who are a tight knit group. They sing and dance often. ALTO TO SOPRANO. Should be able to sing in a small, multi-part ensemble. May have some solo or duet parts. No belting. Should be able to blend well. Possible tap dancing.

DOROTHY PARKER: Rude, stuck-up socialite who demeans everyone around her. ALTO TO SOPRANO. Should be able to sing in a small, multi-part ensemble. May have some solo or duet parts. No belting. Should be able to blend well. Possible tap dancing.

STENOGS: Stenographers in Trevor Graydon’s office. LOW ALTO TO HIGH SOPRANO RANGES. Lowest: middle C. Highest: A an octave above middle C. A small group need to be excellent tap dancers.

MALE MODERNS: Socialites of New York Society. LOWER ALTO RANGE. Could be tap dancers.

GEORGE GERSHWIN: Guest at Muzzy’s party trying to find inspiration for a song. ALTO RANGE. Low: G sharp below middle C. High: D an octave above middle C. Does not necessarily have to sing.

THE LETCH: Must be a good dancer. ALTO RANGE. Low: G sharp below middle C. High: D an octave above middle C. Does not necessarily have to sing.

RODNEY: High society who enjoys fancy parties. ALTO RANGE. Low: G sharp below middle C. High: D an octave above middle C. Does not necessarily have to sing.

MUZZY’S BOYS: Muzzy’s chorus. ALTO RANGE. Jazz singers.

OTHERS: This is a huge ensemble cast with many featured roles.

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