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Corn Stock for Kids is our program that is for children ages 7 to 18. Workshops and shows are part of our schedule each year for children of this age to start getting involved and learning about community theatre and Corn Stock. Whether it’s being in the ensemble, painting a set, learning about costumes or props, or being the lead as an older child, there is room for everyone in Corn Stock for Kids.


About The Show

King Oakley returns from a summit meeting to find that conditions in his castle have grown lax. With the assistance of his new diabolical servant, Fiorello, King Oakley devises a strict regimen for his daughters and no longer lets them leave the castle grounds. In an effort to break from these harsh rules, the princesses fall prey to the desires of the King’s faithful servant – Fiorello – who means to claim the castle as his own. Thrown in the mix is a gardener and a magical nanny, Fern. Castle-on-Whisperwood-Lake is turned into a place of longing and wishes for the princesses as they journey to the Land of the Muses where they hope to have their dreams come true.

By: Claudia Haas

Produced with permission by Heuer Publishing

Dates, Times, & Tickets


April 11* & 12 at 7:30pm
April 13 & 14 at 2:30pm


$15 | Adults
$11 | Students (12 and under)

*Pay What You Can on April 11th! We believe theatre should be accessible to everyone. The April 11th performance will be Pay What You Can, even if it’s zero dollars.


  • King Oakley -Tyler Schellenberg
  • Queen Moss -Skyler Rauch
  • Fern – Meyer McCord
  • Fiorello –Thayer Martinez
  • Sweet William – OJ Johnson
  • Peat –Zoe Bauman
  • Hapless –Austin McBride
  • Prince Deciduous – Joey Stein

~The Princesses~

  • Camelia – Isley Oxborrow

Twins – 1st born set

  • Ivy – Lilianna Poole
  • Iris – Katie Campbell

Triplets – 1st born set

  • Jessamine –Isla Thompson
  • Juniper -Isla Zurek
  • Jonquin – Natalie Krumholz

Triplets – 2nd born set

  • Lillie –Violet Locke
  • Larkspur –Brynne Regan
  • Laurel – Bella Bishop

Twins – 2nd born set 

  • Viola –Violet Holmes
  • Viletta – Josie Gordon
  • Periwinkle – Aniyah Hazel


  • Prince Crabbe – Maxximus Innis
  • Princess Anise – Violet O’Reilly
  • Princess Dilly – Grace Mathews
  • Princess Lovage – Tillie Oxborrow
  • Princess Sage – Kara Harrison
  • Empress Nightshade – Esther Oxborrow
  • Ensemble – Lyric Kessener, Rosie Schlink, Josie Kilgore, Adalyn Hillis, Annabella Hillis, Hannah Miller


  • By: Claudia Haas
  • Director: Paula Graves
  • Stage Manager: Paul Gordon
  • Costumes: Paula & Aliesha Graves
  • Production Secretary: Sarah Beth Leasor
  • Props:
  • Hair & Makeup:
  • Lights:
  • Sound:
  • Set Design:
  • Photographer: Samantha Thorne
  • Promotion Photography: Jeramie Glass, Chris Peterlin