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Scholarship Requirements

All Scholarships

  • Be enrolled at least part time in an accredited undergraduate program. Students are considered part time if he/she is taking at least one half of the credit hours required of a full time student as defined by the institution attended;
  • Have served CST in a voluntary capacity during the last 12 months. (Paid employees must also have served voluntarily in some capacity);
  • Have purchased and maintained an active membership at CST and is in good standing. You can purchase a membership HERE.
  • Provide two letters of support from active Corn Stock Members.

Leonard Costa Memorial Education Grant

The Leonard Costa Memorial Education Grant, in the amount of $1,000, shall, at the discretion of the committee, be awarded to a family, acknowledging its contributions to Corn Stock Theatre, and shall further the education of a family member, as defined more specifically below. (8/17/2011)

  • Members of the recipient family have been active participants in Corn Stock Theatre activities for no less that three of the past five years.
  • The family member toward whose education the grant will be awarded: a.) is or will be a full-time student at an accredited institution, b.) has participated in Corn Stock Theatre activities for at least three years, which need not have been consecutive, at some time, and c.) may not receive any other scholarship or grant from Corn Stock Theatre in the year that the Costa grant is awarded.
  • A family may receive this grant only once for each student.

Bahnfleth/Bradshaw Scholarship

In memory of Margaret “Peg” Bahnfleth and Kirk Bradshaw. Peg was a prominent citizen of East Peoria, a retired school teacher and a great supporter of the arts. Kirk Bradshaw was very active with all of the area theatres as a rehearsal pianist, show pianist, and music director. He worked with the students at Notre Dame on their musical productions and played the piano at area nursing homes and churches.

The Bahnfleth/Bradshaw Scholarship, in the amount of $2,000, shall, at the discretion of the committee, be awarded to an individual that meets the following criteria:

  • At least three years participation in local community theatre (including children’s theatre).
  • Proof of matriculation in an approved music education program or music business curriculum.
  • Three letters of personal reference. (Including the 2 references from CST members – make sure they highlight your music interest/involvement)

2024 Scholarship Committee Members:

Jes King, Laura Schelly, Lindsey Lindberg, Paula Graves, Susan Cox

Scholarship Application Submissions Have Closed